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Alachua County Animal Services celebrates 3 Humane Society Awards


One year after the organization saved 700 cats from Haven Acres and prosecuted the abusers, Alachua County Animal Services was awarded with the 2012 Humane Law Enforcement Awards. HSUS Florida State Director Kate MacFall says it was all due to the admirable way the situation was handled.


The rescue project took place last July after 2 years of mounting evidence against Haven Acres. MacFall says the HSUS looks for two qualities in particular.


The awards were given to 3 individuals. But MacFall says there were many others who were responsible for the honor too.


Both defendents who were on trial for the abuse of 700 cats pleaded no contest to 47 counts of felony and were sentenced to 15 years of probation. They cannot own or rescue any cats in the future. All adoptable cats from Haven Acres were put up for adoption.

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