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Ocala planning officials give thumbs up to new industrial park


Ocala will soon be seeing some new construction as a new industrial park gets initial approval. The Ocala Planning and Zoning Comission has given the ok to Ocala 489, a new plan to blend different industrial zones. Mike Daniels of the Ocala Planning and Zoning Comission explains the new plan to overlap the zones.


Daniels goes on to say that the new Ocala 489 park will have diffirent levels of industry.


Ocala 489 brings some side bonuses with it. Daniels says that the support strcutre for the park helps Ocala.


The project has funded other infrastructure as well, in exchange for the ability to merge the zones and use them freely. The project is planned for the northeast corner of I-75 and US-27, encompassing a total of 433 acres. However, the project has only recieved the inital go-ahead. It still has to get through the City Council on August 7th, with a final decision to come on August 21st.

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