FAMU president resigning immediately


Florida A&M University President James Ammons is stepping down immediately after the school’s board voted to pay him more than $100,000 dollars in bonuses in exchange for leaving sooner. Ammons is the latest to resign in the wake of a hazing scandal and administrative problems plaguing the school but he may not be the last. University Trustee Torey Alson says there are more people who need to go too:


FAMU has appointed Provost Larry Robinson to serve as interim president until a new one can be found. Robinson’s appointment will be confirmed by the school’s board at its next meeting. FAMU is facing a wrongful death lawsuit by the family of the band member hazed to death.

Meanwhile, Chief Communication Officer for Florida A & M University, Sharon Saunders, says she believes Ammons made the right decision both personally and for FAMU.


As part of the deal, Ammons was paid more than $100,000 dollars in bonuses in exchange for a speedy resignation. Saunders says the money was part of a contract set before the hazing incident.


Although Ammons will no longer be president, Saunders says he will remain an employee of FAMU.


FAMU’s Provost Larry Robinson will now serve as interim president at Florida A & M, and Saunders says he is a great replacement for the present time.


Saunders added although the board of trustees has set a meeting to discuss a replacement for the president in August, there is no word yet on who is being considered to take his place long-term.

Lynn Hatter of Florida Public Radio contributed to this report.

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