Lake City gets airport improvement


Commercial airlines may soon be coming to the Lake City Gateway Airport.  The airport will be opening a new terminal next week that will have many new features to improve travel for pilots and travelers, including an automated weather operating system that allows them to receive weather updates throughout the lobby and flight planning rooms.   Florida Gateway Airport manager Nick Harwell says many of the other new features in the terminal make it very attractive to pilots and travelers.


Harwell adds the new terminal is much more accessible to pilots.


Harwell goes on to say the size of the airports runways along with the new terminal will allow the airport to have commercial airlines.


The grand opening of the terminal will take place on Thursday June 7th at 4:30 p.m..  Harwell says the airport has many exciting events planned for the opening.


The total cost of the  project was slightly more than $1.6 million.  Most of the cost was payed for by the Florida Department of Transportation, in addition to  the city of Lake City.


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