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UF students to see fee increase


University of Florida students will be seeing their fees raising this coming semester. The UF board of trustees approved a $2-per-credit-hour fee over a conference call earlier this afternoon. The fee would increase from $4.76 to $6.76. The fee increase does not apply to graduate students.

After a roll call, newly appointed vice president for student affairs Dave Kratzer presented the issue to the board. He says discussion about increasing the current fee on student tuition began after Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill allowing these types of fees to be raised.


After Kratzer’s presentation to the board, UF Student Body President T. J. Vilamil presented his comments of support for the project.


Following this, there were some logisitical questions about construction of the new Reitz, as well as a little light joking.


Which was immediately followed by a vote, and the results were unanimous.


The fee will take effect during the next academic year, starting in the fall.

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