Smoky conditions persist from Marion County flare up


Though the fire in Orange Springs is 100% contained, fire fighters remain on the scene to monitor the area. Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Ludie Bond says the fire that started two weeks ago flared up yesterday, but fire fighters managed to keep the surrounding area safe.


Due to excessive smoke, portions of Highway 315 are closed.

In light of the recent boardwalk brush fire in Payne’s Prairie, area fire officials have been been on heigtened alert when it comes to being prepared to combat any wildfires. Cross Creek Assistant Fire Chief Vickie May says smoky conditions were prevalent this morning as a result of a series of brush fires that have sprung up in the area.


The main fire is near the Marion-Putnam county line. The 200 -acre fire is now 100% contained.  The Florida Department of Forestry, Marion and Putnam County Fire Departments, and Cross Creek Volunteer Fire Department were among the organizations that responded to the fire. May says that long periods of dry conditions may have contributed to the fire.


The areas at risk for smoky conditions on the major area roadways are largely dependent on winds.

Cross Creek Fire Department (photo by Chris Gilmore)

Marion County Fire engine near the latest wildfire on the Marion/Putnam County line (photo by Chris Gilmore)

Signage along Alachua County CR 325 (photo by Chris Gilmore)

Dry conditions are evident at Orange Lake boat dock (photo by Chris Gilmore)

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