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First in an occasional series of glimpses into the lives of the citizens of North Central Florida.

Photos by Wesley Rodriguez

Although she’s been confined to a wheelchair the past six years following a car accident, Meaghan Gallagher considers herself lucky. Now 28, she celebrates the day of her accident as a day worth living for, “almost like a second birthday,” she says. She has hosted “Spinal Cord Injury Celebration” every year since her neck and left femur were broken in the accident. She has movement in her arms and some tension in her hands, but none below the waist. Meaghan is pursuing an associate of arts degree at Santa Fe College in Gainesville and also performs in comedy club shows.

In her bathroom, Meaghan puts on make-up in preparation for her annual celebration party.

Meaghan gets photographed with friends at her 6th annual “Spinal Cord Injury Celebration” party in October 2011.

At the Orange and Brew on the UF campus, Meaghan practices her stand-up comedy routine before a performance.

Accompanied by a friend, Meaghan Gallagher changes classes at Santa Fe College.

Meaghan surfs the Internet on a laptop while in bed.

With limited use of her hands, Meaghan applies make-up.

A personal assistant lifts Meaghan, wearing her favorite boots, from her bed.

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