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Cuba is the topic, but humanity is the issue


Cuba is a topic of confusion. And although there are lots of opinions when it comes to the politics of the Island, there is never much thought on it’s people, especially their youth. As Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM’s Luis Giraldo reports, there is one group of people that wants to hear the young voice.


Nicole DI Rocco was one of the 3 members of a panel. She showed clips of her travels back to Cuba, where she met family members for the first time (photo by Luis Giraldo)

Gabriela Alvarez looks at the same picture that inspired Nicole Di Rocco to start her own bathing suit fashion line, Nicolita (photo by Luis Giraldo)

The event occurred at Smathers Library East was hooked up as an interactive conference between youth in America and a participant in Cuba (photo by Luis Giraldo)

Participants listening to the voice of Harold through Skype, while volunteers help translate for non-bilingual students (photo by Luis Giraldo)

Karen listening to the conversation between the members of the panel, the students, and Harold, a caller from Cuba that shared his story with the group (photo by Luis Giraldo)

Yrak Saenz speaks to the rest of the conference about his quest to voice Cuba’s story through his rap group, Doble FIlo (photo by Luis Giraldo)

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