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Non-advancing At-Large candidates wouldn’t change their experiences

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With 8 candidates vying for the Gainesville At-Large 1 city commission seat, most candidates were not able to gain enough support to move forward to the run-off.  Realtor Donna Lutz finished fourth, but she is happy with the campaign she ran.


She says the one thing she would like to see change moving in to the run-off is more support from the public.


Realtor Darlene Pifalo may be out of the race with a third place finish, but WUFT-FM’s Nickelle Smith says she is not done with local politics.


Dejeon Cain finished 7th tonight.  He hopes the candidate who emerges as commissioner after the run-off will bring some direction to the city.


James Ingle finished 5th in the race, Richard Selwach 6th and Mark Venzke 8th.

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