American Muslim television show stirs up debate


The TLC show All American Muslim has caused a commotion within and outside the Muslim community. The show documents a group of Muslim couples in Dearborn Michigan, ranging from the very conservative to the very liberal, including a woman with long blonde hair who is trying to open up a club in town. Lowe’s, the home improvement store recently decided to pull its advertising from the show, calling it a quote, “lightning rod.” Company officials say they’ve received many complaints from individuals and groups with strong societal and cultural opinions about it. Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM’s Katiana Krawchenko spoke with renowned Muslim activist Asra Nomani. She was born in India but grew up in America in a Muslim family. She has fought for women’s rights in the religion, and told WUFT-FM a year ago she’d like to see more stories about regular Muslims in their everyday lives. But she is not pleased with the show.


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