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FDLE arrests 4 dozen people in child predator sting operation


A six month child predator sting operation known as “Operation Amalgamate” ended today with the arrest of 48 individuals charged with soliciting minors. FDLE is urging parents to be actively involved in their childrens’ activities.  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokesperson Keith Kameg says, the individuals arrested were from 17 counties all over Florida.


“Operation Amalgamate began in July and used law enforcement agents posing as underaged boys and girls in their early teens to catch the predators. Investigators found suspects in teen chat rooms, social networking sites, and using text messages and instant messaging in order to communicate with the victims. Executive director of Clinical psychologists associates of North Central Florida P.H.D Ernest Bordini says, child predators may or may not feel remorse for their wrong doings.



The best way to keep your children safe is getting involved in all their activities and talk frequently about the dangers of the internet and child predators.

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