UF students rally this week for lower tuition rates


Aside from the university’s plan for education reform, this week starts off “Stop Tuition Hikes” week around the University of Florida. The movement started with the formation of the Gator Student Alliance, which is made up of over 22 different student groups around the University. GSA Member Robbey Hayes says he expects more groups to join in the future.


The organization is combating the yearly 15% increase on tuition hikes that UF students face. A vote  taken earlier in the semester showed over 87% of students voted to repeal the hike in tuition. Hayes says the movement is very popular among the student body.


This week the alliance plans to hold a banner signing and demonstration march at Turlington Plaza.  Aside from UF, other universities, including Florida State and UCF will hold events this week to fight against tuition hikes.

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