Hemp Fest back to encourage action


A festival celebrating hemp is back in Gainesville this year, bringing information and inspiring action in area residents. Florida Cannabis Action Network Executive Director Jodi James says Florida’s laws about marijuana are regressive.


She says they will be encouraging people this weekend to petition lawmakers for change. Gainesville Police Department Corporal Angelina Valuri says it is important to remember the distinction between marijuana and hemp. She says hemp in clothing and fibers is legal.


James says the plant which hemp and marijuana comes from needs to be appreciated in its entirety. Valuri says marijuana related crime is not a huge problem in the city, but it is something we see. She says police are not expecting any problems at the event this weekend, but they will enforce the law.


She says any overt possession or use of marijuana will be punishable, but those who are cooperative with police will likely face only a paper arrest. Hemp Fest will take place in the Bo Diddley Community Plaza in downtown Gainesville on Saturday between noon and 11 PM.

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