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Alachua County School system launches free mobile phone app for parents


Want to check your student’s attendance and progress in school? There is an “app” for that!  Alachua County Public Schools now has a free Campus Mobile Portal application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users. Parents can check their child’s grades, test scores, attendance and other related information straight from their Apple device.  Alachua County Public Schools Spokeswoman Jackie Johnson says this new system provides real-time updates.


Johnson says this new application ties into the Parent Portal System but the current system can only be accessed through a computer.


Johnson adds the district has received great feedback from the Parent Portal System and is optimistic about the feedback from the new application.


Parents must register for the Parent Portal System through their child’s school to have access to the application’s services.


All county middle and high schools and half of the elementary schools have the Parent Portal System. The District plans to bring the system to the remaining elementary schools by the end of this school year.

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