Cancer report angers residents of Stephen Foster neighborhood near the Cabot Koppers Superfund site


Residents living in the Stephen Foster neighborhood near the Cabot Koppers Superfund site are not pleased with the results of a cancer inquiry report from the Florida Department of Health and the Alachua County Health Department. That report released late last week was based on a six-month evaluation examining whether there was evidence of elevated cancer rates in the community around the Superfund site. The report indicated there were not increased rates for any of the reported cancers from 1981 thru 2000. Analysis will continue on the data from 2000 to 2008. Meanwhile, residents in the Stephen Foster Neighborhood are angry and want action to remove the contamination now. WUFT-FM’s Donna Green-Townsend talked with one of the members of the Stephen Foster Neighborhood Protection Group, Maria Parsons:


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