Governor vetoes funding for the state’s public radio and tv stations


Governor Rick Scott signed his budget today, which included the use of his line item veto on millions of dollars in state funding for many educational institutions and other programs. The state funding for public television and radio, $4.79 million for the entire state’s public broadcasters, was vetoed. In a statement released by Florida public broadcasting, supporters of local public broadcasting statins across the state “are deeply dismayed” by the veto. FPBS said the state funding for public broadcasting has the support of the public and the legislature, and that the veto will lead to the less of programs, services and jobs across communities in Florida. PBS in Florida airs more than 60 hours a week of educational programs for pre-school children.

University of Florida President Bernie Machen reacted to the Governor’s plans to make the cuts to public broadcasting while attending a groundbreaking ceremony for a $45-million facility for clinical and translational research on the UF campus.

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