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Keep pets in mind on hot days


With temperatures reaching the 90’s today pet owners need to be careful about leaving animals in cars. Alachua County Animal Services Director David Flagler says this is an area of concern in Florida in particular.

“Being away for any length of time, still sets up the condition to where the internal temperature of the car is beyond that which you’re pet or child can bear,” he says.

Even if you are just running into the store you never know what can prolong your trip, and potentially harm your pet if it is left in the car.

Flagler explains, “Animals don’t sweat so the only way they can regulate their body temperatures is by passing a lot of air through their systems and if you lock an animal into a car you place them in a situation where they are panting warm air.”

If you see an animal stuck in a hot car don’t hesitate to call animal services or police for help.

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