Shorter school week may mean more savings


Marion County Schools are facing a $24 million budget shortfall, and the Superintendent is proposing a four day school week to make up some of this deficit. Public Schools Spokesman Kevin Christian says this looks like the best option and the community has so far been in favor.

“It’s something that is doable in terms of our own employees. We realize it’s going to cause an inconvenience for some parents in the community, but unfortunately what we have to do right now is based on money, a the lack thereof,” he says.

Christian says this measure would save the district about $4.5 million, but there would need to be more steps taken to make up for the rest of the cuts.

“It’s something that we just have to do. We’re at that point now. We can’t just eliminate a position here or there, we have to make bold cuts and big cuts and, unfortunately, those cuts are going to be felt by a lot of people.”

The proposal will go before the Marion County School Board next month, and Christian says if they do not approve, it would definitely mean layoffs for public school employees.

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