Dry conditions and high winds have fire officials watching


Dry conditions and high winds throughout North Florida are expected to stoke the Honey Prairie fire out of South Georgia. Georgia Forestry Commission Spokesman Eric Mosley says this weekend’s rain was not enough to stop the fire’s spread long term.

“We definitely have put our crews on high alert and they will definitely be diligent in looking for any new spot fires that may incur due to the head fire,” he says.

Mosley says this week they are expecting especially dry conditions. He says while extended rain is ultimately what’s needed to quell the fire, what we saw this past weekend was not the solution.

“It was great by giving some moisture to areas and slowing the fire down, but I t was bad because it came with lightening. There were definitely some lightening strikes in the area.”

The fire has burned almost 129 thousand acres so far but Mosley says he is happy with their current containment efforts.

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