Veterans share opinions on war


They hope to share a real perspective on war, from those fighting it. The Community Coalition Against War and Terrorism and several Santa Fe College student groups will host a forum for veterans to speak out tonight, and Coalition Spokesman Pierce Butler says they welcome all points of view on current wars.

“You want to argue about what we do next, yeah we’ve definitely got some disagreements there- but this is about what’s been happening, not about what’s going to happen,” he says.

This is the fifth year for this event.

“As long as there are wars going on and veterans with stories to tell, we haven’t really worked out a plan but we will probably keep doing this even if we have all troops come home tomorrow.”

Butler says many of the speakers who attend are actually S-F-C students. He expects up to 6 speakers tonight and about 100 attendees. The forum will begin at 6-30 at S-F-C Room W-A-1-0-4.

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