An Olympic Runner Fell During The Last Lap Of The 1,500. She Still Won The Race

By Merrit Kennedy NPR

TOKYO — Dutch distance runner Sifan Hassan was entering the final lap of her 1,500 meter heat when the runner in front of her tripped, bringing Hassan crashing to the ground.

Suddenly well behind the leaders, she stood up and turned on the gas.

Eleven of the world’s fastest runners stood between her and victory. With astonishing drive, she blazed by them one by one, rapidly making up ground.

On the final straightaway, Hassan surged and passed the front pack of five runners. She’d won the heat. You can watch her comeback here.

Hassan, 28, will compete in the semi-final of the 1,500 meter on Wednesday. She came to the Games aiming to make history with golds in the 1,500 meter, 5,000 meter, and 10,000 meter – something no man or woman has done at a single Olympics.

Because she pulled off the unbelievable today, she’s still on track.

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