Some Good News: Near Perfect Weather For Most Of The Country

By Eyder Peralta NPR

Here’s a lovely mid-week sighting:

That map shows that this afternoon there were no significant weather warnings issued across the Lower 48.

The only issue? A small stream flooding advisory in southern Arizona.

I asked John Hart, the lead forecaster for NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, what someone who focuses on severe weather does on a day like this.

Not taking the bait, he said: “Well, actually, we keep looking at the weather.”

He said that they keep looking at areas that could develop into threats.

“Other than that. There’s a lot of opportunities for research here and looking back at yesterday and the days past and see how we did forecast wise,” he said.

Hart adds that this kind of map is very rare in the spring and summer, but once we get into mid October, the weather calms down and maps do have a tendency to look less colorful.

h/t: NPR’s Nancy Shute

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