WUFT 89.1 / 90.1 Featured Thank you Gifts

The WUFT-FM 41st anniversary poster features an image by Michael A. Eaddy, entitled, “Sunset at Sweetwater Wetlands Park.” According to Eaddy, “This photograph was taken during the ‘Golden Hour,’ or sometimes referred to as the ‘Magic Hour,’ that time of day just after sunrise or just before sunset when the light is soft and even, and bathes everything it touches in a beautiful, golden hue.” This 20″x30″ poster is a reproduction of a photograph taken while Eaddy was filming wildlife at Sweetwater Wetlands Park in Gainesville. Donate today and request the “Sunset at Sweetwater Wetlands Park” poster as your thank you gift with a donation of $12 per month or $144 per year.

Michael A. Eaddy is an award-winning photographer based in Gainesville, Florida. Always driven to express himself artistically, he has worked as a Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Musician, and Photographer. In 2019 Eaddy retired after 18 years as Technical Director for the Hippodrome Theatre to pursue photography full-time. He continues to do marketing and archival photography for the Hippodrome-a job he has enjoyed doing for the last 21 years.

Thank you for contributing to WUFT 89.1/90.1! In return for your generous gift, we have a number of thank you gifts available for you.

Donations to WUFT are tax deductible less the fair market value (FMV) of any thank you gift selected. Please allow 4-6 weeks shipping for your thank you gift to arrive. 

All donations of at least $60/$5 per month ongoing are eligible for the WUFT Passport video streaming service. Activation codes will be sent via email within 2 weeks of your donation.

All donations of at least $96/$8 per month ongoing are eligible for the WUFT MemberCard. MemberCards will be sent by mail within 1 month of your donation.

Select Thank you gifts by donation level:

$72 or $6 per month

Morning Edition – All Things Considered Chicobag: This reusable tote bag allows you to show your support of two of the programs you love while being a good citizen in our community.

$96 or $8 per month

WUFT NPR Coffee Mug: Our classic white and black WUFT NPR coffee mug is a stylish way to sip your morning brew as you listen to one of your favorite programs on WUFT-FM.

$144 or $12 per month

WUFT 41st Anniversary Poster and bandana: This year’s 41st anniversary poster is by Gainesville artist Michael A. Eaddy. Titled, Sunset at Sweetwater Wetlands Park, this poster is definitely a great gift for yourself or someone you love. The colors of our natural area are stunning in this photo-turned poster. The poster is accompanied by the new, beautiful and functional WUFT bandana designed by Michael McAleer.

$180 or $15 per month

WUFT Umbrella: Umbrella with alternating patterns of black and white, emblazoned with our WUFT-NPR logo.

$365 or $30.42 per month

WUFT Dollar Combo: The WUFT Dollar Combo includes the exclusive WUFT Public Radio Nerd Tee, a pair of highly sought-after NPR socks to keep your feet warm this winter, and a reusable Morning Edition/All Things Considered tote bag.

$420 or $35 per month

WUFT Weather Bundle: Stay informed this weather season with the FRX2 Compact Weather Radio and 1 Blackout Buddy that serves to light the way, either plugged into an outlet, or in your hand as a flashlight.

If you are an artist interested in being considered as a future WUFT anniversary poster artist, please send your name, contact details, website, and/or examples of your work to: members@wuft.org.