WUFT 89.1 / 90.1 Featured Thank you Gifts

Thank you for contributing to WUFT 89.1/90.1! In return for your generous gift, we have a number of thank you gifts available for you.

Donations to WUFT are tax deductible less the fair market value (FMV) of any thank you gift selected. Please allow 4-6 weeks shipping for your thank you gift to arrive. 

All donations of at least $60/$5 per month ongoing are eligible for the WUFT Passport video streaming service. Activation codes will be sent via email within 2 weeks of your donation.

All donations of at least $96/$8 per month ongoing are eligible for the WUFT MemberCard. MemberCards will be sent by mail within 1 month of your donation.

Featured Gift:

The WUFT 40th Anniversary Poster features a beautiful image by Marion County artist Gary Borse. “Sunset Serenade” features a vibrant sunset radiating over the Gulf of Mexico at the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge. This 36” x 24” poster is a reproduction of the original acrylic painting on canvas. Donate today and request “Sunset Serenade” as your thank you gift with a donation of $10 per month or $120 per year.

Gary Borse was born in Chicago, Illinois, and attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He has participated in many solo, invitational and juried group shows, as well as being represented by Fine Art Galleries, Art Dealers, Interior Designers, and Art Consultants, throughout the State of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, Arizona, and the UK.

His award-winning work has appeared in public art, museums, on the covers of magazines, calendars, newspapers, announcement postcards and posters for many exhibits and events throughout the State of Florida. In 2007, his exhibit, “Revealing the Soul: Painting from The Inside Out”, consisting of 28 paintings, was shown the Florida State Capitol Building in the Chamber Gallery, and his exhibit, “The Soul of the Florida Landscape” was on display for six months in the Florida Museum of Natural History. In 2001, Gary was commissioned to paint two pieces of public art by the Marion Cultural Alliance, for the City of Ocala, Florida’s “HORSEFEVER” project, and again in 2011 for the tenth anniversary of HORSEFEVER.

Borse is also an accomplished musician and vocalist. studio and gallery are on his farm in Fairfield, Florida, where he raises cattle, horses, and bees.

Select Thank you gifts by donation level:

$60 or $5 per month

Morning Edition – All Things Considered Chicobag
Morning Edition – All Things Considered Chicobag: This reusable tote bag allows you to show your support of two of the programs you love while being a good citizen in our community.

$108 or $9 per month

Latte Mug and Coffee
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WUFT-FM 40th Anniversary, NPR 50th Anniversary Latte Mug + Sweetwater Organic Coffee Company Frac Pack: Drink your locally roasted Sweetwater Organic Coffee in a stylish mug celebrating the 40th anniversary of WUFT, your local NPR station AND the 50th anniversary of NPR!

$120 or $10.00 per month

WUFT 40th Anniversary poster: "Sunset Serenade," by Gary Borse is a 36" x 24" poster that features a colorful sunset over the Gulf of Mexico and the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge. The poster is accompanied by a handy lens cleaning cloth showcasing the same image.

$132 or $11 per month

NPR 50th/WUFT 40th Anniversary Tote Bag: 12 ounce cotton canvas zippered boat tote with zipper and open front pocket. Perfect for books, snacks, and/or groceries!

$150 or $12.50 per month

WUFT Umbrella: Umbrella with alternating patterns of black and white, emblazoned with our WUFT-NPR logo.

$192 or $16 per month

Science Friday Beaker Mug Science Friday Beaker Mug: This unique 14 oz. beaker mug has “science friday” written all over it – literally and figuratively!

$240 or $20 per month

Bob Ross Happy Cloud Socks and Paint by Numbers Mini Art Kit
Bob Ross Happy Cloud Socks and Paint by Numbers Mini Art Kit: One pair of Bob Ross Happy Cloud Socks and a one-of a-kind paint by numbers mini art set!

$300 or $25 per month

Eton SIDEKICK Weather Radio and Portable Charger: The SIDEKICK is a rugged, rechargeable, and reliable weather alert radio that features solar powered charging and Bluetooth® technology. Stream your favorite music anywhere while charging your device with the built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Easily recharge the battery through solar power or with the hand crank power generator.

$365 or $30.42 per month

WUFT Dollar Combo: The WUFT combo includes the NPR 50/WUFT 40th Anniversary cotton canvas boat tote bag, the combined anniversary latte mug, and a large WUFT Public Radio Nerd T-shirt!