Reach the Right Audience with public broadcastingIf you’re a business owner looking to help the community while also promoting your business, look no further than Florida’s 89.1 WUFT-FM, WJUF-FM and WUFT Classic. As an underwriter on on these public radio stations you contribute to a valuable service and reach an exceptional listener at the same time. You will signal your commitment to high-quality programming while also letting listeners know you are one of the organizations and businesses that make their favorite programs possible.

WUFT-FM and WJUF-FM reach almost 80,000 listeners on a daily basis, many of whom are affluent, well-educated leaders and decision-makers in their communities.

The stations are the medium of choice for many of the education and health professionals that reside in the North Central Florida area, and studies show a majority of public radio listeners respond to and patronize businesses that underwrite public radio.

WUFT-FM and WJUF-FM have a consistent commitment to quality programming and  a news department that has won numerous awards for its coverage, including the award for Overall Excellence from the Florida Associated Press for eight straight years.

WUFT Classic features a collection of classical music, jazz and live and recorded performance programming – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tune in via the online stream at wuft.org, on an HD radio at 89.1-2, or now there is a new way to listen – on 102.7 FM in Gainesville.

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To learn more about underwriting on Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM and WJUF-FM and WUFT Classic, contact:

  • Underwriting Department: (352) 392-5551

Sandy Wagner, Director of Membership and Corporate Support, slwagner@jwuft.org

Mel Clark, Underwriting and Sponsor Account Representative, mclark@wuft.org

Donna Carrasco, Underwriting and Sponsor Account Representative, rsierra@wuft.org

Pam Simpson, Underwriting and Sponsor Account Representative, pamelalsimpson@wuft.org

Kinnon Thomas, Underwriting and Sponsor Account  Representative, kthomas@wuft.org

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WUFT depends on the support of our community — people like you — to help us continue to provide quality programming to North Central Florida.
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