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Rebranded, January 2018: We have rebranded our series featuring your questions as Untold Florida. You can submit your questions here or send a text to 352-458-4434 to tell us about a story about which no one knows. Untold Florida is particularly focused on reporting stories at the neighborhood level, so if there's something you see and are curious about, let us know.

Original series, January 2016: You live here, and there are issues in your community that you often wonder about.

Maybe it's something you've seen driving around town. A curiosity your neighbor mentioned once. An uncovered or undercovered story never told by the local media.

At WUFT News, we want to hear from you. Each week we publish dozens of stories about communities from Gainesville to Ocala, Citrus County to Starke and just about everywhere in between. Those stories come from our newsroom's curiosities, official announcements, and government decisions.

But we don't often hear from you, and we want that to change. This is your station, and with your help, we’ll tell the stories you’re most curious about. 

Here's how it works:

Of course, you don't have to help report the story. If you have an idea of who we should talk to, that's as much help as we can ask.

Your questions, our answers:

• From anonymous: Why does this one I-75 overpass not have a sidewalk?

From Kate Murray: How many parking citations does UF hand out annually?

From Rachel: When were there cattle drives along Main Street in Gainesville?

From Shirley Lasseter: How many messages has UF received about Spencer visit?

From Sherri: Did Hurricane Irma return Lochloosa Lake’s water levels to normal?

From Fran SiegfriedIf a family wants to get rooftop solar, what are the financial incentives from Florida, the federal government, or the power company?

From Reginald JonesOur hospitals advertise how short the waiting times are in their emergency rooms. How long do people actually wait?

From Audrey Dickinson: What dangers are posed to the Silver River by the Sleepy Creek permit and the St. Johns River Water Management District's decisions about it?

• From Jerry: How and when will the water levels in Lochloosa Lake return to former levels?

From anonymousWhat’s with Alachua County’s stormwater assessment fee?

From Michael McGuire: What does it take to maintain the Rodman Dam?

From anonymous: Why are school districts still collecting students' Social Security Numbers?

From anonymous: When did correctional officers last receive a raise?

• From Cynthia White: Among the lost towns of Alachua County is one called "Paradise." Where is (was) Paradise?

• From Stephanie Miller: What's the latest on the effort to use genetically-modified mosquitoes to fight Zika in The Keys?

From anonymous: Paynes Prairie has been without a manager since the retirement of the David Jowers. Rumor has it that it is because of community opposition to Gov. Rick Scott. True?

• From Karen Sherwood: I have noticed some strange three-sided purple boxes hanging in trees along roadways, mostly rural... What are they?

• From anonymous: What's the deal with Plum Creek? I know it's a "controversial issue," but I don't understand the controversy. Can you break it down for us? Yes, yes we did.

From Carly: What does GRU think of Amendment 1, related to solar energy? And what about city officials' stance on Amendment 1 vs. Amendment 4?

From anonymousWhy are there hundreds of small holes on Newberry Road near the intersection of NW 43rd St?

• From Pete Turner: How is panhandling regulated in Alachua County?

From Virginia DolderCould community service announcements be established about how to use the roundabouts?

• From anonymous: What is Alachua county planning to do about mosquito control and the coming Zika virus? Is there a plan for treating retention ponds?

From Adam WendlingWhat are the implications of increasing rail transportation options to off-load I-75 congestion, such as increased commercial freight?

• From anonymous: Why did Alachua County decide to build a sidewalk that cost over a million dollars along 8th street between Parker RD and 91st?

From Claire MitchellWhen voting, the poll worker said my boyfriend's signature didn't match his license and could be thrown out. How do we know his vote counted?

From Karen Honess: When will an Aldi grocery store open in Gainesville?

• From Raichel White: What are those blue lights for on top of the traffic signals?

From SkyWhat resources are available for the region's transgender population?

From Lisa HueyWhy have Alachua County "unimproved roads," and their taxpaying residents, been forgotten?

From Steven WalkerWith such a high number of veterans and elderly, why does Florida not have a program for orthotics or prosthetics practitioners?

• From Kate: The La Chua trail on Paynes Prairie - why is it closed and when will it reopen?

From Timothy O'Malley: Who tracks the money designated for education from lottery ticket sales?

From Marion HyltonWhy was Butler Plaza North and Celebration Pointe allowed to shear off all the trees in their new development? Are they obligated to replace some?