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Local Health Studies


The University of Florida Neurocognitive Laboratory lab is seeking healthy 25 to 59 year old male and female volunteers with a maximum of 16 years of education for a research study. This study consists of two or three visits. They are flexible and will work with you to find a time that best suits your schedule. Volunteers will be compensated for their time. Transportation will be provided as needed. For more information, please call the University of Florida Neurocognitive Laboratory at 352-294-4920.


The UF Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism is seeking individuals with or without type two diabetes and who are overweight to participate in one of the University of Florida Research Studies. The UF Division of Endocrinology is enrolling for a fatty liver disease trial, using an investigational drug for study information, 352-273-8642 or endocrinology.medicine.ufl.edu


The UF Health Sleep Center is currently seeking participants for a UF Research Study on the effectiveness of a new and noninvasive exercise based treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Participants will be monitored before and after training with a device that may strengthen breathing muscles, thereby lessening the effects of sleep apnea. You can get more information and register for this study by calling 352-265-5348.


The UF Department of Psychology and the UF Institute on Aging is now enrolling men and women age 55 or older for the “Oxytocin and Aging” study to learn how the hormone Oxytocin affects social, cognitive and physical function in older populations. Information at 352-273-214, via email at ebnerlab@psych.ufl.edu or http://www.psych.ufl.edu/ebnerlab/.


The Center for Exercise Science at the University of Florida is conducting an exercise training study on cardiovascular health. They are currently seeking study participants 50 to 79 years of age with Type 2 Diabetes. Health test results will be provided. More information is available at 352-294-1746 or http://apk.hhp.ufl.edu/index.php/research/participants/.

Health Programs

Health in a Heartbeat

Airs twice a day weekends, once in Morning Edition and after the PBS NewsHour.

Health in a Heartbeat is a credible source of health information that inspires and informs listeners and satisfies their growing appetite for news they can use. For more than 10 years Health in a Heartbeat has offered a daily dose of medical wisdom.

Produced by the UF Health and WUFT-FM.

Recent episodes

Animal Airwaves Animal Airwaves

Airs Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

A call-in radio show featuring experts from the UF Veterinary Hospitals speaking on a variety of animal health-related topics. The show, hosted by Dana Hill of WUFT, features UF faculty clinicians, who speak about common veterinary problems in their area of expertise. Listeners can call in to 352-392-8989 with questions related to the topic being discussed.

Recent episodes

Public Health MinutePublic Health Minute

Airs three times a day during Morning Edition.

Dr. William Latimer interviews researchers and medical professionals about a wide variety of public health topics. The Institute of Medicine estimates it takes 20+ years for health researchers to get scientifically proven findings that inform best practices into communities. Public Health Minute gets practical health advice informed by cutting edge research to the public today. Public Health Minute is produced by WUFT-FM and is sponsored by the School of Health Sciences, Human Services and Nursing at Lehman College at CUNY.

Recent episodes