Support WUFT Classic

WUFT Classic depends on the support of our community—listeners and donors like you—to help us continue to provide quality programming to listeners in Gainesville and throughout North Central Florida.

When you join as a member of WUFT Classic, you make possible all the great programming you have come to expect from WUFT. Your pledge dollars make it possible to bring programs like “Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin”, The Metropolitan Opera, and “Magnum Opus” with Dana Hill to North Central Florida.


If you prefer to phone in your pledge, you can do so at:

  • 352-392-9838 (Gainesville)
  • 1-800-338-9838 (Toll-free long distance)

Listen to classical, jazz and performance programming on the new 102.7 FM in Gainesville, the new WUFT Classic app, WUFT-HD 89.1-2, and online at

The 250 watt translator signal on 102.7 FM is limited to the City of Gainesville and an antenna will enhance the reception and quality.

The full schedule for WUFT Classic is available here →