HOPE HOrses Helping PEople


Today’s episode features HOPE HOrses Helping PEople, an equine-assisted program in a healing environment that enhances personal growth, empowerment and well-being. It is located in Archer, Florida. Volunteers of all ages contribute their time and skills to those that enroll in one of HOPE’s programs. Any person diagnosed with an emotional, physical, cognitive disability from age 2 and up is eligible to apply for enrollment into one of HOPE’s programs. The programs integrate the horses into an environment where participants build confidence, self-esteem, balance, improved focus and attention. Horses Helping Heroes is free to veterans and service personnel who work with the horses to complete tasks to begin to build teamwork and trust.

Cathi Brown, Co-Founder, Acting Executive Director and Therapist for HOPE HOrses Helping PEople, shares information on the history of the organization, volunteer opportunities and additional programs.

HOPE HOrses Helping PEople
9722 SW 153rd Avenue
Archer, FL

Email: ridingtherapy@gmail.com
Online: https://www.horseshelpingpeople.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/horseshelpingpeople

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