Forest Animal Rescue


Today’s episode features Forest Animal Rescue in Silver Springs located on 80 acres of native land in the Ocala National Forest. More than 100 exotic, and a few domestic, animals of all kinds reside at Forest Animal Rescue. They have been rescued from situations of abuse, neglect and exploitation. The animals will never be bred, sold, or exploited in any way. Most of the animals at the sanctuary have suffered at the hands of humans before their arrival. They now receive the best, high-quality, professional care in a spacious, natural, sanctuary setting. The sanctuary provides a lifetime home for these animals giving them the care they deserve and allowing them to roam in large, natural habitats in a secluded, peaceful setting.

Co-Founder Lisa Stoner shares information on some of animals that reside at the sanctuary, volunteer opportunities, animal care internships, special tours of the property and how to provide financial support to Forest Animal Rescue.

Forest Animal Rescue
640 NE 170th Ct, Silver Springs
(352) 625-7377


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