Community Weatherization Coalition


Today’s episode features the Community Weatherization Coalition, a local non-profit working to save money and natural resources for local households. The CWC has launched a new program for Alachua County residents, a new Do-it-yourself program, enabling the Coalition to equip energy-burdened Alachua County renters and homeowners with the free supplies and steps to save water, energy, and money – while keeping everyone safe. They offer safe, socially-distanced, kit drop off or pick up options and provide diagrams, video links, and step by step instructions for residents.

SInce 2008, Volunteer Energy Coaches have worked to reduce the utility bills of more than 1,200 Alachua County families.

Program manager Alane Humrick and Volunteer Advisory Board President and one of the founds Marianne Schmink talk about the program services, training procedures, success stories and the precautions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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