Gainesville Circus Center


Today’s episode features the Gainesville Circus Center. The non-profit organization, formed in 2018, offers classes for kids and adults in aerial skills, lyra and mixed apparatus and flexibility at Evolve Pilates in Celebration Pointe as well as flying trapeze classes and circus camps at Two Hawk Hammock in Williston. The Center also has ready to go acts that are available for performing at music and art festivals, weddings and corporate parties. On Saturdays from 4 to 8 p.m. at Two Hawk Hammock, the public can enjoy music and aerial performances in a socially-distanced outdoor environment.

Gainesville Circus Center Executive Director Corey Cheval shares the history of Gainesville’s one and only circus school that offers recreational and professional training opportunities.

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Aerial Silks, Lyra, Mixed Apparatus and Flexibility at Evolve Pilates & Fitness, 5001 Celebration Pointe Avenue (Ground floor, across from Infotech)
Flying Trapeze & Circus Camps at Two Hawk Hammock, 17950 NE 53rd in Williston

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