Awesome Gainesville and GRACE Grows


Today’s program features Awesome Gainesville, a local chapter of the Awesome Foundation. The Foundation exists to forward the interests of awesomeness in the universe and distributes grants to worthy organizations that foster the creation of surprise and delight. The first grant recipient is GRACE Grows.

GRACE Grows provides a space where Grace Marketplace and Dignity Village guests can grow their own garden and interact with the community at large, learn about one another, and collaborate on a mission to wholeness. Many guests express that this garden is their reprieve from chaos and that they learn more through working the garden than they ever thought possible. GRACE Grows is currently growing high-quality food on-site and conducting an Agricultural Education Certificate Program that pays a stipend through an 8-week internship program. Through education and mentorship they work with participants to find employment in agricultural and horticultural jobs.

The garden is located at 3055 NE 28th Avenue in Gainesville. More information call 352-389-1684, or

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