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WUFT-TV depends on the support of our community — viewers and donors like you — to help us continue to provide quality programming to viewers in North Central Florida.

Please click the button to the right that best describes the type of supporter you are.

If you prefer to phone in your pledge, you can do so at:

  • 352-392-9838 (Gainesville)
  • 1-800-338-9838 (Toll-free long distance)

WUFT Underwriters

For a complete list of our underwriters click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about memberships or making a donation, first consult our list of frequently asked questions. Chances are your question has been asked before and we have an answer listed.

Corporate Support

WUFT-TV is a vital force in Public Broadcasting in North Central Florida. to see what counties our television station located in Gainesville, Florida serves. As a non-profit organization, WUFT depends on businesses to sponsor and support quality broadcasting.

Planned Giving

WUFT is a highly valued resource in our community dependent upon the   generosity of its viewers and listeners. In addition to annual contributions from thousands of members of Friends of Five and Friends of Classic 89/Nature Coast 90, we are fortunate that many people who greatly value public TV and public radio provide significant gifts to WUFT both from their current assets and their estates. For more information on this subject click here.

Local Programming

Volunteers can help to make your Public Television Station be the  best it can be in many ways. Click on the area below that interests you to find out more about volunteering for WUFT-TV.


WUFT Membership Opportunity

WUFT is a not-for-profit Public Television Station operated at the University of Florida. WUFT depends on our community to   pledge financial support to maintain and continue to provide quality programming to viewers in North Central Florida. Donors to WUFT may   donate as private donors, as a business through our Corporate Support program, or through our Planned Giving program. Click here for more information about membership opportunities.

Thank you for your support

WUFT depends on the support of our community — people like you — to help us continue to provide quality programming to North Central Florida.
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