Frequently asked questions

What is your mailing address?

Both the radio and TV stations are addressable to: Post Office Box 118405, Gainesville, FL 32611. Our phone (352) 392-5551.

What can I do if I want to order a DVD/Audio copy of a program I saw/heard on air?

Call the number above, extension 1112 or email Viewer Services with your request.

Why didn’t I get my thank you gift yet?

You are encouraged to call and leave your name, daytime phone number, membership number (if known)  on the membership voicemail extension 1164 or email the Membership Department. Your account will be accessed as quickly as possible providing an answer on the status of your gift. Normally 6-8 weeks is the process time for thank you gifts.  Please feel free to contact the stations at any time.

Can I claim my pledge as a tax-deduction?

Yes, you can claim the retail amount (fair-market value) of the thank-you gift which will be included with your gift in the mail.

What if I receive the wrong/part-of thank gift I pledged for?

Contact our membership department by phone, US mail or email with your membership number (located above your name on the mailing label).  Our associates will be glad to help you.

Thank you for your support

WUFT depends on the support of our community — people like you — to help us continue to provide quality programming to North Central Florida.
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