What Is The Conversation?

        The Conversation is one hour of live dialogue with the voices of North Central Florida and the way we see it, everything is on the table. We are here to provide a space for uninterrupted dialogue about the topics that matter to North Central Florida whether it be about politics, music, education, health, the economy or simply the story of an extraordinary individual in our area.

         In this digital age news comes to us in the form of tweets, facebook statuses, mobile alerts, and headlines; a constant flow of information passes through our eyes and ears. This is where The Conversation comes in. We want to merge these new tools and sustain a thoughtful hour of radio about our community and we can’t do that without your input. We want you to share your story ideas with us, join us in the studio, tweet at us, email us, call us, like us, contribute your voice in any way, because we’re here to talk…but we’re mostly here to listen.

The Conversation is [Raw. Recent. Regional.]

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