In the News: job growth, woman survives mountain, Egyptian protest, Middleton nurse dies, Zimmerman demands

By on December 7th, 2012

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In The News: Tourism Unaffected By Winter Months, Zimmerman Case Dropped, Romney Abandons 2016 Election, Florida Unveils Legislative Agenda

Orlando ecotourism continues to thrive in cooler winter months – The colder weather in Central Florida may deter Florida natives from participating in outdoor activities, but it doesn’t stop tourists. Central Florida’s ecotourism business remains strong in the winter months. […]

In the News: Fraud Unit Raids Dental Office, Florida-Cuba Trade, Marion County Counterterrorism, Smoke Lingers Around Goethe

State Medicaid fraud unit raids dental office in Ocala – Investigators seized computers and documents from a dental office suspected of Medicaid fraud in Ocala on Wednesday. Churchill Dentistry has been previously investigated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. Ocala […]

In The News: Senate Bill Protects Prisoners, Treasure Hunter Found, Rubio Talks Cuba, Florida Fair Increases Safety, Auschwitz 70th Anniversary Remembered

Bill would punish abusive guards, protect Florida prisoners  – A proposed state Senate bill would protect prisoners and hold guards accountable after inmate deaths climbed 13 percent in 2014. Tampa Bay Times Fugitive treasure hunter nabbed in Florida after 2-year […]

In the News: Florida Gas Prices Fall, Drone Crashes Near White House, Alachua County School Chancellor Appointed, Winston Accuser Goes Public

Florida average nudges $2/gallon price for gasoline – Florida’s average price of a gallon of gasoline reached $2.08 Monday but is expected to fall under $2 within the next month. The national average for unleaded gasoline, at $2.04 per gallon, […]

In the News: Engineered Mosquitos Used As Cure, Drug Execution Violates Inmates’ Rights, Tebow’s Foundation Funds Proms, Great White Returns to Florida

Genetically modified mosquitoes used to combat viral diseases in Florida – Researchers are waiting for approval to release genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys as a means to “cure” dengue and chikungunya. The male mosquitos have been engineered to keep female […]

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