In the News: Golden Globes, presidential debate, Merrill Lynch, Disney parks, Armstrong steps down

By on October 17th, 2012

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In The News: Allegations Of Gov. Rick Scott, Missing Person’s Car Found, Kentucky Teen Charged With Rape, SkyMall Files Bankruptcy, House Proposes Shrinking Fed Workforce

Gov. Rick Scott said he would cooperate with an FDLE probe – Allegations recently surfaced that Gov. Rick Scott and his office made politically motivated requests to the state’s former top law-enforcement official. Scott refuted the claims and said he […]

In the News: College Textbook Tax Exemption, High School Anti-Bullying Video, Youth Pastor Arrested, Patriots Violate NFL Regulation, FBI Concludes Ferguson Investigation

Marion County Youth Pastor Arrested, Faces 15 Counts Of Sex Abuse – Thirty-six-year-old Marion County youth pastor, Peter Bass, was arrested Wednesday morning on charges of sex abuse. The Oregonian Olympia Student Fights Bullying With Video And Bracelets – Eighteen-year-old senior […]

In The News: 740-pound Black Bear Killed, Veteran Suicide Bill Backed, Scott Faces FLDE Controversy, Black Caucus Unveils Agenda

Weighing in at 740 pounds, Biggest ever Florida Black Bear Killed – Wildlife officers trapped and killed the biggest Florida black bear on record Sunday in a Longwood neighborhood. The previous record-holder was 620 pounds. Orlando Sentinel Senate Backs Bill […]

In The News: 2015 State Of The Union, House Committee Approves Bill For Guns On Campus, Miami Residents Angry At Mugshot Target Practice, Shaq Sworn In As South Florida Police Officer

Obama’s 2015 State of the Union to-do list – In his State of the Union, President Obama said he plans to launch initiatives aimed at making two years of community college free and reforming the tax code, among various other proposals. CBS News Bill […]

In The News: Concealed Weapons On Campuses, Crime-Spree Teens Claim Abuse, Suspicious Death In Argentina, North Korea NSA Hack

Legislature to consider bill allowing concealed weapons on college campuses – The House of Representative’s Criminal Justice Subcommittee will discuss a measure today that could strike down a current law that prohibits concealed weapons on college campuses. The bill would […]

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