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UF Student Travels To Morocco For Language Aspect

University of Florida International Studies senior Gillian Shaw stands in front of a Moroccan King's Mausoleum, Muhammad V, in Rabat, Morocco. Shaw, 20, said she went to Morocco this summer for the language aspect. She is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. Photo courtesy of Ashley Inman

UF international studies senior Gillian Shaw spent her summer in the North African country of Morocco, a trip she said was to gain experience in Arabic, Spanish and French. Shaw shares the story of her linguistic journey and her experience traveling abroad, which included having to eat American fast-food restaurant McDonald's more than she expected.

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Gator Band Will No Longer Use Penalty Chant

Florida Gators football

During this past Saturday's Tennessee game, Gator fans expected a cue from the band to play a familiar chant, "You Can't Do That." However, complaints about the chant morphing into "Move Back You Suck," has forced the University Athletic Association to ask the band to no longer play the tune to accompany it. The change has garnered complaints from UF students who see the chant as tradition, but applause from those who viewed it as vulgar and unsportsmanlike.

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