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Brittany Wienke

White nose syndrome devastates bat population

Hibernating bats are facing a growing epidemic of what’s known as white-nose bat syndrome—a fungus that clings to the facial fur on bats, causing them to wake up early. As WUFT-FM’s Brittany Wienke reports, this syndrome has economic consequences, though Florida seems to be safe [Audio clip: view full post …

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Darnell’s funding issues put on hold for now

Alachua County commissioners requested a delay of hearing Sheriff Sadie Darnell’s budget appeal yesterday. County Commissioner Susan Baird said the 45-day delay is meant to give Governor Rick Scott time to sign an important piece of legislation. “We decided to go ahead and sign the letter, and the sheriff did …

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Fires continue to burn in Goethe State Forest

Crews of firefighters are working to control a forest fire in Goethe State Forest in east Levy County. Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Ludie Bond said the flames continue to burn despite several inches of rain last night. “We were very thankful for the few inches of rain we did receive throughout …

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FOG planting organic garden in honor of Earth Day

In an appropriate celebration of Earth Day, Florida Organic Growers installed an organic garden at Gainesville’s Reichert House Youth Academy today. Director of Education and Outreach Christine Hale says planting organic gardens in schools is a strategy to decrease childhood obesity and help children understand basic nutrition. FOG has provided …

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Investigation continues on the Jackson murder case

Marion County Sheriff’s office is continuing its investigation on the Seath Jackson murder case. Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Judge Cochran says right now, authorities are looking for evidence. “Right now, concerning the first degree murder of Seath Jackson, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Detective’s Unit is continuing to look for the …

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Vinyl making a comeback

As technology advances, analog recording is exchanged for digital recording as devices get smaller. But as Florida’s 89.1 WUFT’s Brittany Wienke reports, a recent comeback of vinyl records may reverse this trend. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

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