Risque Photo of University of Florida Sorority Makes Rounds on Twitter

By and on August 29th, 2014
A tweet of a photo that appears to depict some UF sorority members exposing breasts and buttocks is making the rounds on social networks.

screenshot Twitter

A tweet of a photo that appears to depict some UF sorority members exposing breasts and buttocks is making the rounds on social networks.

A risqué picture attributed as picturing some members of the University of Florida Alpha Omicron Pi sorority surfaced on Twitter this week.

The image was tweeted by Old Row, an account that posts Snapchat images submitted by anonymous users, and became widely circulated. The tweet, with the caption “Go Gata,” shows young women exposing either their breasts or buttocks, along with the text: “And with this, the seniors say goodbye to Recruitment forever,” and “UF AOPI.”

Old Row deleted the image from their thread around 3:30 p.m. today.

There is no mention of penalization for nudity or indecent exposure in the Florida Greek Standards Policy, and the sorority’s national website does not cite either in their value or purpose statements.

The Department of Student Activities and Involvement at UF is aware of the photo, according to Jack Causseaux, director of sorority and fraternity affairs.

Causseaux said the department is working with the chapter. He could not confirm if the photo is of the UF chapter, but said “from what we understand, it is.”

Rachel Boison, assistant director of public relations for the sorority’s international office, said via e-mail they are also aware of the photo.

“Alpha Omicron Pi International Fraternity is aware of the photo in question and will continue communication with university officials and local membership regarding the situation,” Boison wrote.

(WUFT News earlier posted a link to a censored copy of the photo, but has removed it after other sites are no longer publicly posting the photo, and the reference for comparison is no longer required.)

In an email response to WUFT regarding the tweet, Old Row stated that they could not confirm if the photo was real, and said the group sometimes get fake photo submissions.

Snapchat is a messaging service that is known for allowing users to set a time limit for others to view their messages before the message is no longer accessible.

This is not the first time a sorority at an SEC school has drawn attention for a Snapchat makings its way onto other social media networks. One sorority sister at the University of Alabama was removed from the university’s Chi Omega chapter after using a racial slur on the service.

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  • The peanut gallery

    Curious that the faces are not blocked out… Illegal, thoughtless, and heartless! Just continuously bettering the name of the media WUFT this is what journalism is all about :/

  • Kevin

    Articles like this ruin lives morons. This picture is a mistake that does not define a person or sorority. As a fraternity brother and a student of UF it’s disappointing to see the own school’s website demeaning women by posting I censored photos without consent let alone even creating articles like this in the first place…

    • Kevin

      Uncensored ***

    • A

      Ummmm, maybe they shouldn’t have taken a slutty picture like this in the first place?? Typical frat boy response.

  • Joe

    You call yourselves a news website and post this type of stuff. With the cyber bullying atmosphere in the United States and social media shame on you. Good luck with law suits sickos.

  • Lawyer

    Have the screen shot of the picture before it was edited, hope you enjoy the lawsuit that’s coming. Way to stay classy UF journalism, btw there is still uncensored breasts on the girl leaning over. Just keep digging your grave deeper.

  • Scotty

    Hey WUFT! thanks for censoring the faces and not the hottest girls’ tits!!! :D i liked this article so much I went to see what other articles these girls wrote to see if they posted other naked pics… There are none if anyone else was wondering, it’s their first article! Way to publicize life ruining pics on your first go around ladies

  • Tyler

    I still see nipples. Isn’t that pornography UF? From what I can see this tarnishes your website and news credibility more than anything else in this article. Women commit suicide because of this type of cyber bulling, and you’re supporting that kind of behavior. #itsgreatUF

  • Mike L.

    Lol the pic is gone now… Looks like the next article will be about the two ‘writers’ who got sued and kicked off the newspaper! However if you soon to be unemployed writers need money I might pay to have you send me the pic so I can be as lucky as those who came before me!!!

  • Lauren K.

    What’s the purpose of this article? There is no picture or content… There is more to this world than poor decisions and hot girls. Check out The FSView if you want articles that actually matter. #fsuiswaybetterthanufALWAYS

  • Flor

    It’s 2014. It’s not the first time a picture gets leaked and won’t it be the last. This isn’t news just cyber bulling. Truly disappointed in WUFT. http://www.stopbullying.gov

  • Charlie

    It wasn’t even a snap chat. I understand this was your first story ever ladies, but now you’re in feel legal shit as well as slander. Can’t even check the laws or the facts. You are GREAT reporters.

  • Concerned Parent

    This is the kind of news the university contributes to this society? I thought my kids were attending a prestigious university. I would have hoped the university would support in the containment of these matters instead of the promotion.

  • Gloria

    I am an attorney for a successful women’s rights law firm. We deal with these types of issues on a regular basis. If any of the women involved have any proof that this website published an uncensored photo, faces and nudity included, please feel free to contact me. There is a favorable law suit for you ladies to come from this; especially considering this is a University run website. I will contact the chapter involved shortly.

    • Chris Alfonso

      I’m a lawyer and can’t stand most lawyers because of their litigious nature. Get a life. This stuff happens. No permanent harm done. All in good fun. Typical college hi jinx. Use whatever cliche you want but please don’t take any of this stuff seriously. These girls didn’t…neither should you.

      • Get your facts straight

        One of the girls is actually on suicide watch because of this photo so yes it did ruin their lives.

        • Chris Alfonso

          Then that girl has deeper issues. Sorry but something like this is not to be taken seriously. Laugh, move on and get over it.

  • Kevin

    Abysmal journalism. The story served no purpose other than to further humiliate some indiscreet girls caught on camera – no more than a retweet of the original photo, dressed shabbily as a news item. Does Michelle Manzione have an axe to grind here?

  • NotKevin

    Yup, nipples always “do well on web”

  • Harvey Kale

    where’s the picture?? Hot sorority girls–showing it off—more pics please!


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