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Feb. 25, 2013: Morning News In 90

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  •  A woman was attacked Saturday in an Enclave Apartments stairwell. Gainesville Police Department officers are reaching out to residents of the Enclave apartment complex in hopes of gaining more information on the armed robbery and attempted sexual battery.
  • A man named Leonardo T. Davis was caught speeding, running a stop sign, attempting to hit a pedestrian and proceeding in attempts to run over the GPD officer after him, said GPD officers this weekend. Davis was taken into custody.
  • Amid allegations that U.S. special forces members tortured civilians in the Wardak province of Afghanistan, the Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, is ordering American troops out of the province. They have two weeks to leave.
  • Cuban President Raul Castro announced Sunday he will be stepping down from office when his term ends in 2018.
  • Cardinal Keith O’Brien, leader of Scotland’s Roman Catholic Church, resigned his post as archbishop. A British newspaper broke accusations of his “inappropriate” behavior toward priests.

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