New mobile application Lulu allows women to privately rate men

By on January 23rd, 2013

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Lulu, an iOS app that is only open to women at the University of Florida and Florida State University, allows members to rate men.

Alexandra Chong was at a post-Valentine’s Day brunch two years ago with a group of girlfriends in London. During the lunch, the women started breaking down their relationships and dating in general. Soon after, Chong said she felt like women needed a place to talk about the men in their lives.

That’s when Lulu came to life.

Lulu, an iPhone and Android application that was released in late December, gives young women the opportunity to evaluate men through Facebook.

Chong, the founder and creator of Lulu, said the application allows women to review the men in their lives, ranging from boyfriends and brothers to exes and best friends.

Chong said women answer several questions and then anonymously or privately post the information about the male. Once ratings from a quiz are gathered, Lulu gives the male an overall rating on a scale from one to 10.

Lauren Jean, a senior studying food science and human nutrition, said she would only use Lulu to see what others are saying.

“I would download it to laugh at the comments,” she said.

The 21-year-old said she thinks the application will become popular because a lot of young adults like learning about dating advice.

“I can see why people would want to use it,” she said. “It would be useful on a college campus.”

The female-only application is currently available to students at the University of Florida and Florida State University because Chong wanted to launch Lulu at schools that have strong Greek life, social environment and academic culture.

“We thought those were some good schools,” she said. “It certainly has been a big success so far, and we’re really happy we came here.”

Chong said she is getting some interesting feedback from men. Some have even created fake Facebook accounts just access to Lulu.

“We had a lot of guys trying to get into the Lulu app,” she said. “We decided we wanted to make sure to give them a voice on the app as well. It’s called LuluDude.”

Chong said the mobile Web application, LuluDude, which is yet to be released, will allow men to manage their Lulu profile and see their ratings.

“It’s not a place for guys to rate girls,” she said.

William Campbell, a UF advertising junior, said he thinks the application is ridiculous.

“It’s funny,” he said. “I know a lot of guys who obsessed over it for a couple of weeks.”

Campbell, 21, said unlike some of his friends, he doesn’t feel the need for the male-only  version of the application.

“I’m not dying to have one,” he said. “I think that’s crazy.”

Chong said Lulu is going to be updated in the coming weeks, which will create new features, more pictures and the information that men put on the LuluDude profile.

Chong said she hopes she can make Lulu available across the country.

“There’s about 30,000 kids in Florida that are loving Lulu,” she said, “and we hope to take that across the rest of the U.S.”

Jewel Midelis and Sarah Kinonen contributed reporting and edited this story online. 

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    Feminists are for equality… except when they’re not.

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  • http://twitter.com/privacyusa Tony Phelps

    You can’t delete your data unless you send them a letter, they probably are in violation of their own terms and conditions ~ they certainly are stretching Facebook’s.

  • Sean shaw

    getalphanow.com is the first ever mobile app that allows guys to anonymously write and read reviews on girls (Lulu for Guys). Join the brotherhood today!

  • johnathan

    Lol @ everyone complaiing about this. Theres a guys app coming out just like this.



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